A note from our Pastor


Welcome!  Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope that the information provided here is helpful to you and that you will soon join us as we regularly gather together for worship, for fellowship, and for mutual encouragement.  At Huntersville Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (affectionately known as HARP), you will find a genuine community of people who know their need for Jesus Christ and who love Him and others because we know and have experienced His love and grace.  Here you will find a warm welcome from a people dedicated to God’s Word, nurtured in our Reformed and evangelical faith and tradition, desiring to live for God’s glory in our everyday lives, and sharing His goodness both here and throughout the world.  In our frantic and divided age, HARP is a place of rest and blessing, where our glorious and gracious God is worshiped and glorified!  When you join us, we believe you will agree.


~Pastor Lee


What to Expect

Our Worship

We are a church that believes community is important, and that even means looking back at what our Christian forebears did for confession, song, and instruction. The Church, as the body of Christ, is connected by more than just what buildings we may share! In an effort to understand where the Church has come from, we confess the ancient creeds in our service to connect us to the ancient church. We also sing the great hymns of the faith in concert with those who came before us. These hymns communicate great theological truths in deep and moving ways, which stretch not only the emotions flowing from the act of worship but also our minds that we might grow in our knowledge of God's grace to us. In addition to this rich hymnody, we also recognize the importance of singing God's Word through the Psalms. Finally, we also recognize Scripture's command to "Sing a New Song!" (Psalm 98:1; Isaiah 42:10; Revelation 14:3), and so we also include a selection of newer hymns in our worship.

Our Preaching

Preaching is God's primary way of teaching His people. We see throughout Scripture the necessity of preaching, and we confess such a need as Protestants when we cry Sola Scriptura-Scripture Alone! The Sermon on Sunday mornings, then, is our central aspect of why we gather together. It causes us to reflect more upon the Lord, His call to us to live holy and righteous lives, and upon the grace and mercy of His forgiveness when we fail. 

We seek to preach the Word with clarity, and one way in which we accomplish that goal is by allowing Scripture itself to set the pace, tempo, and structure of our sermons. We believe in preaching through books of the Bible, allowing the human authors of Scripture to speak from their own times and contexts. By doing so, we truly let God speak for Himself, as we listen and gain understanding of God's plan for our salvation in Jesus Christ. 

Our Ministry Opportunities

HARP offers many opportunities available for you to plug in and be ministered to, as well as opportunities to use your own unique gifts for Christ and His Church. In addition to our Sunday morning worship, Sunday school classes, and Wednesday night fellowship meal and lessons, we offer various Bible studies, small groups, fellowship events, youth group, church-wide meals, and mission trips. Check out our Events Page for more info.

The best way to find out more is to join us this Sunday for worship!  

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