Meet Our Team! (Part One)

In 25 days the first members of our Ukraine Mission 2018 Team will begin their flights that will take them to a nation that is a bridge between the East and the West, a land long under the thumb of Russia (and still technically at war with Russia), a land of beauty, and yet a land of great need. The greatest need is for the message that Jesus Christ is the only true Savior of sinners. After adjusting a bit to their new surroundings, with signs in the Cyrillic alphabet and people speaking in Russian and Ukrainian, team members will begin right away in helping register Conversational English Camp students, going on a trip to assist Joyce and Jordana at a sanatorium, and setting up for the sports-recreation camp for 28 teenagers. Following a day of worship and developing good relations with the Ukrainian believers who will be working alongside of us, the various ministries will get into full swing on Monday, July 2. And it will all be here before we know it!

In the next 6 days and throughout the trip, we need prayer partners and for the congregation to commit to fervent and frequent prayer on our behalf.  In each of the blog posts leading up to the trip, we will include a bit of information on the various team members. Please use the these in your daily times of prayer. In addition to these ways to pray, we will have two opportunities for you to come and send the team off with prayer (the team will be leaving in two groups – one on Thursday, June 28, and the other on Friday, June 29th). Lastly, we will be having a commissioning service on Sunday, June 24, where we as an entire congregation will pray over the team. Without such prayer the trip will not be what it needs to be. Prayer is vital and we ask you to partner with us in this vital ministry.

Today, please be in prayer for the following team members:


Kentrell Barnes

  • Leading Morning Sports Camp
  • Evening English Camp

Mary Davis

  • Leading the Mercy Ministries with Joyce and Jordana (working with widows and in children’s hospitals)
  • Evening English Camp


Larson Gazzaway

  • Morning Sports Camp
  • Evening English Camp


Trent Gazzaway

  • Morning Sports Camp
  • Evening English Camp
  • Assisting in Devotions


Ryan Pierce

  • Leading a smaller Morning English Camp
  • Leading the Evening English Camp


Neidin Shelnutt

  • Morning English Camp
  • Evening English Camp
  • Continued Ministry to the Cochrans in the UK After Kyiv
Huntersville ARP