Meet Our Team! (Part Three)

This year, we are not only offering an English Camp, but we are also leading a Sports Camp. There, we will teach the fundamentals of basketball and flag (American) football. Through this, we will be able to witness to the attendees of the camp and the broader community of Kyiv. This opens the opportunity to reach a different crowd than the English Camp. Offering a sports camp is a fun and relaxed environment to build community and relationships; our hope is to connect the Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church further with the city. After the Camp, there will be devotions held each day to be open and transparent about who we are and who we represent. 

Offering a free sports camp is nearly unheard of around the world and is a great way to draw people in to hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus. The sports camp will give us the opportunity to invest deeper into the community of Kyiv and get to build more relationships. Please pray for for the team, and especially Kentrell Barnes as he leads the camp and Trent Gazzaway who will be leading the devotions each day. 

Please also pray for the following team members:


Michele Coad

  • Morning Sport Camp 
  • Evening English Camp

Jill Gazzaway

  • Morning English Camp and/ or Mercy Ministry Camp
  • Evening English Camp


Spencer Gazzaway

  • Morning English Camp
  • Evening English Camp

Michael Krueger

  • Morning Sports Camp and/ or Mercy Ministry and/ English Camp 
  • Evening English Camp
Michael Krueger.png


Lee Shelnutt

  • Morning Barnabas Ministry, English Camp and/ or Mercy Ministry 
  • Evening English Camp


Rachel Young

  • Morning English Camp and/ or Mercy ministry 
  • Evening English Camp
Huntersville ARP