Team Travel

Landed, But Some DELAYED

Yesterday, 14 of our team members were supposed to be on planes heading for their final destination: Kyiv, Ukraine.

Sadly, due to a variety of issues, only Pastor Lee, Neidin, and Rebecca have made it to Kyiv. Trent is currently en route to Munich to catch a different flight from there to Kyiv.

Delayed Flight.jpg

The other 10 (Jill, Spencer, Ryleigh, Delaney, Larson, Michael, Julia, Nate, Melvin, and Rachel) were delayed until Saturday, and will now be split into two groups flying to different layovers elsewhere.

Needless to say, this is a disappointing start to our trip. But we are reminded that these things are small, and our God is still at work—even if, and especially, when we feel sidelined. Today, we'd ask for your prayers for this part of our team as they remain at home for another day. Pray for Pastor Lee, Neidin, and Rebecca as they adjust to their new time zone, and for Trent as he continues his travel to get to Kyiv.


Meanwhile... Still On Time!

The rest of our team (Mary, Patti, Ryan, Kentrell, and Michele) are still on track to leave later this evening, and arrive in Kyiv tomorrow afternoon their time. As they make last minute preparations and adjustments, please be in prayer for them as they stand to pick up some of the duties the earlier group are now unable to fulfill.

Finally, we'd ask for you pray for the Holy Trinity Presbyterian church as they adjust to these change in travel details. Keep your eyes on this blog for more details and arrival

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